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Long grain Royal Basmati Rice 1121 5 kg

With its very long and thin grains, basmati is called the “king” of rice, for
excellent qualities and special taste. It is grown only in northern India and Pakistan.
and no other type of rice can be labeled as basmati. The variety labeled 1121 is known to have the longest grain in the world.
With a delicate texture and a subtle nutty aroma, it doesn’t need any other spices.



Ingredients: Long grain basmati rice 1121

Nutritional values per 100g product:

Energy value: 1506 kj / 354 kcal Fats: 1.44g

– of which saturated fatty acids: 0.10g Carbohydrates: 76.20g

– of which sugars: 0.10g Protein: 8.80g Fiber: 1g Salt: 0g